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To share Artist`s Music with even more People, we use SNS and Youtube parallel to media such as TV, Radio and Newspapers, to maximize the Impact and Efficiency.
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Global Atlanta 미국 애틀란타 메이져 매체 집중조명

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...It also is increasingly evident that they have become a catalyst for the development of the state’s cultural diversity and cosmopolitanism over the past 50 years with a concert at the Infinite Energy Center Arena in Duluth, the evening of Thursday, Oct. 11.
While the exact number of Koreans and Korean-Americans living in Atlanta is only an estimate, there is no questioning their influence on Georgia‘s economic growth.

As the highlight of the program, he has invited the internationally recognized violinist Jihae Park, who served as the honorary ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Ms. Park is used to performing for large audiences such as the more than 3,000 attendees who came to see her when she played at the Sejong Art Center, South Korea‘s largest concert hall in Seoul, the country’s capital.

Jihae Park
Her fame has been stoked globally by the success of her double Gold Disks of DECCA labeled albums. The first is of a solo classical CD recorded in England and the other titled “Baroque in Rock” on the same label. The Oct. 11 concert is to include an eclectic collection ranging from Paganini and Mussorgsky pieces to opera selections from Aida and the William Tell Overture.

Aside from sellout performances in the U.S. at Washington‘s Kennedy Center and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles in addition to acclaimed performances in Europe, she has received accolades for her willingness to perform in churches, prisons, hospitals and leprosy clinics.

During a “TED talk” she explains how her love of music enabled her to restore her health after experiencing acute depression that she endured as a child prodigy and her desire to spread the joy of music to as many people and in as many locations as she can.

The recipient of many honors such as “Most Respected Korean 2010” for having shown “great leadership and integration for the benefit of the nation,” she currently is adapting Korean traditional melodies to her violin performances as part of a personal campaign for Korea’s peaceful unification.

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...It also is increasingly evident that they have become a catalyst for the development of the state’s cultural diversity and cosmopolitanism over the…

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